Live Your Dreams By Ending Mistimed Pregnancy With MTP Kit

You were getting molested by a boy of your college. You become scared and feeling all alone. You do not have someone whom you can talk with. You were already on drugs and due to this, you cannot tell your parents about all of this. You were also engaged in sensual make out many times with the same boy because he always blackmails you that he would tell everyone about the drugs and all. You prefer to keep your mouth shut for many months, you had low self-esteem at that time and you do not know what step you do to go out from this hell.

One day you come to know about your missing periods and that time every past incidence comes as a flashback in front of your eyes. You run towards the drug store to get pregnancy kit to clear your doubt about pregnancy. A pregnancy positive test has again taken you to the hell and this time you do not have any option to end all of this or keep all of this.  Only one thought is striking in your head of ending this unplanned pregnancy. You do not want to undergo surgical procedure so you choose medical abortion via MTP Kit.

MTP kit is a type of Abortion pill that can be used at home without any one’s help. This medicinal pill can be used at home without any one’s help or the person you trust. These pills are completely safe and come at affordable prices, so any woman can buy them and take its benefits. Apart from that these pills are a non-surgical way of abortion so there is no damage happens to the female private parts. There are two medicines present in a single packet of MTP Kits such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Order Abortion Kit online in USA.


The action mechanism of first drug Mifepristone comes into play by inhibiting the progesterone hormone. This action stops the delivery of essentials to the fetus causing shedding of the uterine wall resulting in fetal death. The other drug Misoprostol is responsible for softening the uterus so that abortion contents get out due to a strong contraction.

After getting sure about your unplanned pregnancy, take one tablet of Mifepristone (200mg) orally next morning on an empty stomach with a gigantic amount of water. Please count it as day 1. Let the 2 days pass, then it comes the 3rd day, so take 4 Misoprostol pills orally or vaginally. When it is your 14th day take to go for an ultrasound test to be confirmed about the abortion.

Some of the women have complained the side effects of MTP kit such as pain, and vaginal uneasiness, abdominal cramps, blood loss by vagina, weakness, illness, and pelvic pain. You need to follow some important steps such as if you are sensitive to any component present in it then do not take it. Stay away from getting intimate with your man till you completely lost bleeding as it may enhance the chances of vaginal infection.



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