Make Yourself Attractive By Getting Long And Dark Eyelashes With Careprost

Eyes are supposed as one of the amazing and important parts of our body which helps us to see the things we want. Apart from this, eyes have also a significant role in beauty as with beautiful eyes one can make herself more beautiful and attractive. Therefore, long, thick, dark and jet-like eyelashes add a feather to one’s beauty. However, in this beauty obsessed environment almost everyone particularly women throughout the world want to look more beautiful and attractive. Nowadays, taking photos and applying it to social networking sites are common so that friends like the photos. These things also made women crazier about beauty. However, not every woman in the world is lucky to have long and thick eyelashes thus these women try a different kind of method to make her eyes beautiful and attractive. These methods are time taken and not for permanent basis and many other drawbacks are there. We have good news for you as one can accomplish long and thick eyelashes naturally for permanent basis with the help of medicine called as Careprost.
Careprost is the best and reliable medicine most commonly suggested for the management of hypotrichosis (lack of eyelashes) or insufficient eyelashes. The use of this medicine offers long, thick, and dark eyelashes; therefore, this helps women in augmenting her beauty. In fact, this can be considered as the best products for the growth of eyelashes. Besides this, it can also be suggested to manage glaucoma. It is an FDA approved medicine contains generic Bimatoprost as the main active ingredient, which comes in the class of medications called as prostaglandin analog. This medicine produces action by facilitating the growth of eyelashes by augmenting the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle and trimming the telogen phase of the growing hair cycle.


The method of application of Careprost: Prior to intending this medicine it is suggested to take away lenses or specs if using and clean your hand and face. In the pack of eye drop, a fine brush is available to take it and instill one to two drop of medicine on the brush and start applying for the medicine from the base of upper eyelashes close your eyes so that it mixes properly with the lower eyelashes. This procedure can be repeated to the next eye. For effective result, this is suggested to use the medicine on the continuous basis for about 8 to 12 weeks and use the medicine preferably at night.
Possible side effects: This medicine may show some obnoxious effects such as itching, redness, eye discharge, feeling of something inside an eye, darkening of eyelid skin, dryness of an eye, and sensitivity towards the light and burning feeling.
Preventive measures while using Careprost: one should not use the medicine if allergic to any ingredient and never use if you have irritation, wound, inflammation in the eye. You should talk to the doctor if suffering from any kind of medical complications including eczema, cataract history of eye surgery. Prevent driving or operating machinery until you the effect of medicine lost after using this medicine.
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