Complete The Task Of Your Abortion With RU486

When people talk about an abortion, they think mostly about surgical abortion. They go to doctor, clinic, or hospital to terminate their pregnancy. However, everyone must be aware that if pregnancy is below 7 weeks, it can be terminated with many other options in spite of surgical. You can have a medical abortion that is an easy and non-painful method. People get confused with Miscarriage and self-abortion. Miscarriage is something that happens naturally and self-induced abortion is done with medications when a woman does not want to have a baby. There are hidden causes behind the self-induced abortion.

Just ponder over some questions asked below and give your suggestions in those cases.  

Question one: When a woman is sensually active and in her teens, she got pregnant. She is still completing her studies and conceiving at this point of time is a question of worry. If she does an abortion, will she be criticized for this evil?

The answer to this question: What she has done may be a mistake or maybe her boyfriend’s mistake. This can happen with anyone who is sexually involved. If she will choose to have a baby at this time, her whole career will be destroyed. Not only this, she is in a tender age and still immature to handle a baby so abortion is the best option. Everyone will understand her situation. She should choose RU-486 for getting a termination of pregnancy less than 7 weeks. This medication will complete her abortion in private and safe way.


Question two: In the case when a woman has been raped and she is bearing the child of that person, in that situation do you think if she takes abortion step with RU-486, she is wrong?

The answer to the question: No, she is not wrong. What will be the fun of bringing that child into this world, whose father is a criminal? When he grows up, what will her mother tell him or her about his or her father? So, such cases should rely on RU-486 for their abortion safely, pain-free and privately.

Mifepristone is the key ingredient of RU-486. This only medicine will help you in termination of gestation of less than 7 weeks or so. The success rate behind this is that it gets bound to progesterone receptors. By adhering with progesterone receptors, it impedes the activity of progesterone in sustaining a pregnancy. Hence, the fetus gets expelled from the uterus.

Dose and Direction to use

RU-486 has three tablets of Mifepristone. Each tablet has strength of 200 mg. A woman opting for an abortion must take three tablets at a time with water on the first day. Wait for two days, If an abortion does not occur then on the third day, she must consume two tablets of Misoprostol each 200 mcg with water via orally or vaginally. Then wait for two days, and have a check-up to confirm your abortion process.


  • You have to take Mifepristone orally
  • After each medication, consult doctor to know about completion of abortion
  • This step is quite possible at home also


Do not use in ectopic pregnancy, allergies, if you are taking anticoagulants or corticosteroids, you have an adrenal or bleeding problem.

Important safety points to keep in mind

  • Have fresh fruit juices to balance the losses that have occurred during an abortion
  • Remove your IUD’s before an abortion
  • You may feel dizzy so avoid tough tasks
  • Avoid alcohol and grapefruit juices

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