Impede The Fall Out Of Her Pretty Eyelashes With Careprost

Eyes are the most beautiful and attracting feature that a woman can use to attract her love towards him. Raphael was attracted to Anna, when he first saw her in the library of their college. She had the beautiful body, gorgeous eyes and her long eyelashes were added up on to her beauty, and this was enough for losing his heart on her. It took him 2 years to convince her about his love and attraction to her, as Raphael had a personality of playboy type in the college.

After 3 years of relationship, they got married. On her first pregnancy, she was diagnosed with thyroid, which she was gifted from her mother. Her overactive thyroid gland was making her unable to tolerate heat; she was having difficulty in sleeping. The saddest part was that she was having a lot of hair breakage, giving bald patches and this started occurring in her eyelashes also. This was because, during the thyroid, the eyebrows and eyelashes become thin as the hair there becomes thin, dry, and breakable.

Raphael was worried about her condition. At any cost, he did not want Anna to lose her the best part of her beauty and the base of their relation. He without telling her took the advice from her doctor, ordered Careprost eye drops, and asked her to use the eye drops at the bedtime.


Using Careprost eye drops, she got the compliment for her eyes, which she used to hear long ago. He said, “I passed by from a number of eyes and have different thoughts, but in your eyes, I tend to lose all my thoughts.

Careprost eye drops are the astonishing way out that treats the problem of Hypotrichosis. Hypotrichosis is the circumstance of thinning of eyelashes. Careprost eye drops densifies the eyelashes and make them longer and thicker, thereby enhancing the beauty of eyelashes and making the eyes look even more striking. Careprost eye drops also treat the troubles of open-angle glaucoma in adults by reducing the intraocular pressure.

A Careprost eye drop is composed of the generic Bimatoprost as the main active component. Bimatoprost functions in hypotrichosis by affecting the growth cycle of the eyelashes. Bimatoprost enhances the telogen phase, whereas decreasing the anagen phase, thereby elongation and densification of your eyelashes.

The dosing strength of Careprost eye drop is 0.03% w/v. To make the eyelashes denser and beautiful the eye drop is to be applied the way prescribed as; Take a drop of eye drop on the applicator brush, apply on the upper eyelid closer to the lash line, and close the eyes for 10 sec. This activity is to be done at the nighttime before going to sleep.

Some preventive measures that are to be kept in mind by the users of Careprost eye drops:

  • One should not use Careprost eye drops if he/she had any allergic reactions towards Bimatoprost previously.
  • He/she are not prescribed to use Careprost eye drops in case of narrow-angle glaucoma or other eye ailments.
  • If you have had, any eye surgery or eye injury in the past then does not use Careprost eye drops
  • Driving vehicles or performing any task that requires full concentration is inadvisable while using Careprost eye drops.
  • Contact lenses are to be removed before using Careprost eye drops. Wait for at least 15 minutes before wearing contact lenses after the use of Careprost eye drops.
  • Do not use any other ophthalmic products along with Careprost eye drops.
  • A person under the age of 18 years should not use Careprost eye drops.

The normally occurring noxious effect seen with the use of Careprost eye drops are itching in the eye, burning and stinging sensation in the eye, redness of the eye, excessive watering of eyes,  haziness of the vision and feeling of having something in your eyes

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