Perform In Bed Convincingly With Filagra

It has been found through various surveys, that erectile dysfunction is not a medical condition that is constrained to men over the age of 50, infect now it is influencing men irrespective of the age factor. Moreover, it has been seen that in most of the cases, it is not a medical concern behind the cause of an erectile brokenness, but it is an extreme use of adult movies. A survey revealed that there is one in five men who watches least adult movies. Watching adult movies in men appears as an addiction similar to a narcotics consumption, that causes men to develop a tolerance and makes them unconvinced in real life sensual performance. Watching extravagantly adult movies makes them incompetent to respond in real life intimacy act and dependent on adult movies for release.

Although adult movies does not found to alter the sensual life in case of a woman. However, the women in a relationship with those men associated with erectile dysfunction suffer a huge annoyance in their own life. As they also have to remain devoid of pleasurable sensual moments in their life.  In some cases, erectile dysfunction has also proven to be the main reason behind the splitting of relationships.

With the advances made in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, certain phosphodiesterase inhibitor class of medications has also been developed that alleviates erectile brokenness in men. Among such medications, Filagra gained the highest popularity in the efficacious and successful management of erectile dysfunction in males. Filagra is a well admired brand name of generic Sildenafil Citrate, which by engorging the blood vessels of the erectile organ of the male makes them competent to attain rigid and long lasting penile erection.


The active module Sildenafil Citrate present in Filagra falls beneath the class of phosphodiesterase medications. It concedes its action by obstructing the PDE-5 enzyme that carries out the breakdown of cGMP. It also intensifies the effects of nitric oxide. This results in the escalated concentration of cGMP, which widens the blood vessels of the erectile organ, causing an adequate amount of blood circulation reaching the male genitals and hence, a satisfactory penile erection while intimacy.

Dosing Regimen of Filagra:

Commercially, Filagra is reachable in an oral tablet dosage form in the most marketed dose strengths of Filagra 50mg and Filagra 100mg. A man is recommended to consume prescribed dose strength of Filagra orally with a glassful of water, preceding 1 hour of the expected sensual act with the partner. He can consume it on an empty stomach or with food but evading a high-calorie meal. Men will start experiencing its valuable action in 20-25 minutes that will vacate for four-six hours in the male body.  Therefore, a man does not need to swallow more than one pill in a period of 24 hours.

While relying on therapy with Filagra a man may experience pernicious effects that include faintness, headache, flushing, nausea, nasal congestion, and stomach upset.

Safety Measures to be followed with Filagra:

Men should not make consumption of alcohol as it may reinforce the noxious effects of Filagra.  In case if a man is previously following any nitrate derivative preparation, then it is suggested to avoid treatment with Filagra. He should avoid intake of a high fatty meal, grapefruits or grape juices beside Filagra. If a man seems to be sensitive to generic Sildenafil Citrate or any other Filagra ingredients then he should avoid treatment with Filagra. Men should not execute any task that requires him to be awake as he may feel drowsy or may have an indistinct vision after swallowing Filagra.

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