Cenforce Makes Your Intimate Happiness Visible In Your Life

The sexual condition of erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence can put the froth in your fireworks of love. Though it is normal when a man faces occasional failures in attaining and holding the sturdy erection or that is not so long lasting to complete a satisfactory intimacy, continual displeasures below punch necessitate a medical attention. According to some research, it is assumed and can be seen that ED is an issue among 50% of men and mostly among the older of more than 50years of age. While, ED is a common issue nowadays, yet many men are discomfited and reluctant to discuss it. This erectile failure makes the women say to their partner “if you have this problem, then please do something about it”, because it is not a matter of men only. Women are equally affected of this because of unsatisfied sexual connection.

Why does ED happen? A hard and long lasting erection is a result of functions of nerves and blood flow. Nerves are sometimes are not producing nitric oxide, which helps to widen the blood vessels in order to fill the erectile organ with sufficient supply of blood. This leads to erectile failures and this can lead to other problems of heart and diabetes or can be because of these.

Treatment for your ED condition: Along with good lifestyle habits, physical exercises, nutritious, healthy diet and a regular check on your medications, you can treat easily and effectively your ED condition with the help of picking the perfect pill of Cenforce.


Cenforce is an oral medication that helps to boost the nitric oxide availability once you are in the sexual stimulation phase. Cenforce is made for Generic Sildenafil citrate, which aids in blocking the function of the PDE-5 enzyme so that the concentration of cGMP can be enhanced. This assist is widening the narrowed blood vessels by cGMP with the help of nitric oxide. Consequently, the sufficient blood circulation to erectile organ helps a man achieve and sustain the stiff erection for the required sexual intimacy.

Cenforce 200mg dose is prescribed to be swallowed orally with water at about an hour before lovemaking. With the onset of 30minutes, Cenforce tends to stay active for next 4-5hours in your blood. Hence, by maintaining the time gap of 24hours, you can take one Cenforce 200mg pill for one time a day only when you look for sexual intimacy. Ingesting more pills a day can lead to priapism (painful or prolonged erection). Some adverse effects are also seen with the use of Cenforce as if nausea, hazy vision, indigestion, redness of the face, backache, headache, runny nose, or muscle pain. These temporary effects will vanish after a short while, but the Cenforce users must keep in mind certain safety precautions as following-

  • Boys below 18years of age and adult above 65years should not take Cenforce medication.
  • Do not combine Cenforce medication with a high fatty meal and grapefruit products as these products make your drug less active.
  • Nitrate constituents with Cenforce can severely lower the blood pressure.
  • Men with a medical issue of oversensitivity to Cenforce, heart, liver, genitals, or kidney disorder should not take Cenforce.
  • Stay away from the use of alcohol with Cenforce as this can aggravate the side effects.

Make your bedroom pleasure be the secret of your spark. Buy Cenforce 200mg online from our drug portal with discounted rates.


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